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Jeanne is taking her 20 years of marketing expertise at financial institutions to empower Americans on all things money. She’s combining her passion for teaching and her knowledge of banking to boost your confidence in money management.

Managing money is a necessary life skill – one that is not generally taught at home or school. Let her guide you through the basics and the how-to’s of money management. She demystifies all the bank jargon and debunks the myths that confuse us. As a former Marketing Director at multiple credit unions, she’s overseen numerous advertisements. So, let her break down what those financial marketing messages are really saying. She makes it palatable with stories of actual families, giving us hope and presenting positive possibilities.

About UsHer audience connects to her authenticity, empathy, and high professionalism. She is an experienced public speaker at various levels from staff training, international audiences and young students. Plus, the depth and breadth of her presentations are bolstered by her MBA, certificate for financial literacy education and Distinguished Toastmasters® designation.

Banking, borrowing, spending, investing are all an inevitable part of our lives. Instead of making dubious decisions, empower yourself with the financial education that will pay you back for years to come.