The bright, young minds of college students stir up optimism. They are ready to conquer the world!

Financial Confidence for College Students

Boost their financial confidence!

But, are they prepared to make financially prudent decisions?
What happens when bills are paid late?
Would they opt for long-term, high (total) interest paid loans?
What does saving for a rainy day even look like?


Start post college, independent adult life on the right foot equipped with helpful tips. Avoid the guessing and wondering on how to make important financial decisions. There are money management habits which everyone, whether on a check-to-check budget or high income individuals, must know and practice.

Workshop topics

Financial Institutions – how do they work?
Budgeting and everyday expenses
Saving and investing
Borrowing and credit

Workshop length options

1 hour – overview version
2.5 hours – comprehensive version

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