After every workshop, it’s guaranteed that at least 1 student confides in me, “My mom told me never to get a credit card.” Such ill-suited advice. The mom is well-meaning, however, delaying and not using any credit isn’t going to do your credit score any favors.

Part of your credit score looks at how long you’ve been a borrower. The longer history you have of borrowing money is a positive boost. And, during that history, have you been a responsible borrower? Such as making payments on time, every time. Paying back responsibly is a huge credit score booster.

The reason why your credit score is important is to be able to get the lowest possible rates when you need those big loans such as a car or home loan.

As a young adult, a credit card is not entirely necessary but carrying an active card to borrow on a regular basis, and paying it back on time is proof that you are a responsible borrower. This will keep your credit score higher than if you did not have a credit card at all.